so heres a little bit of background information my father went to vietnam young, younger than the rest it was go to jail or go to vietnam, so he chose nam...when he came home he went through the throws of life, alcohol and drug abuse and then had children and tried to quiet down his ways...i remember him having episodes and flashbacks and waking up to him trying to climb the walls...driving me home while he was so drunk that he would throw up in the car and me at nine asking him if he wanted me to drive the car...crazy thing is, i think he was the best father that i could have ever had, he is the most supportive and caring man that i have ever known we just had to iron life out and try and get over issues that maybe we are all starting to feel its okay to deal my parents began to argue just as every couple does, and the screaming got so bad that i had gone into their bed father had a loaded gun to his temple, loaded with his finger on the trigger, everyone left the room but me... my mom my sister everyone had walked out on him at that moment... i stayed and told him to pull the trigger if thats the kind of father he wanted me to remember...and in my mind i remember hoping that my mom had left so i could clean up the mess before she got back...i remember not wanting to leave because i didnt want my dad to die alone thats the day that my life changed eight years old i had become a emotionally an adult and been the one to take care of the family ... i was the strong hold, the rock, the foundation and i resented and i still think i do to this day. i know it sounds horrible but it got to a point where i didnt care, so no emotion was able to run through me, i became a family doesnt really remember this incident to well but i know that is the reason i am the way i am today...after being so irritated with all of this i decided it was my time to end my life ...i was nine i think...third grade, i tried to hang myself on the tetherball poll... my neighbor found me and i lied and told my family that the string had gotten wrapped around my neck while i was playing.... to this day they dont know that i tried to kill myself because of the pressure and anger in that household...i am glad to say that my life went better as the years played on... although we still have those underlying feelings of what went on in our chaotic life, we have moved on as much as we could as a parents are as happy and successful as ever and our relationship couldnt be any stronger than it is...
" Broken Glass "
3 wood panels
painting 4ft x 8ft $5000