I have had incest with my mom for 10 years.
and we have a 9 y/o daughter.
she was drunk when it started and I took advantage when she didnt realise. I was 22ish.

me and mom were on the
couch - she was almost passed out with drink, I french kissed her and felt
her up then got more horny so I went for it.

Mom has been completely single for 30 years
she knew the next day because of the way she felt, she was embarrassed and tried to avoid me.
But I kept reminding her,
like to make fun of her almost,

about a week or so after the first time I was
taunting her about me
having fucked her and she was sober
and didnt like me taunting so she made as if to hit me, so I pulled up
her skirt and pushed her on the bed.

Our duaghter she doesnt know I am her
dad, to her I am just her big brother
I have been married now for the 3rd time

Mom is 51, yes I still do her
she's used to it... and so am I

I havent seen dad in 30 years

34 Male glasgow Uk
" Pandora "
Mix media on wood
painting 39"in. x 57"in. framed $4000