I've always loved animals. There have been times in my life where my action or inaction has caused them great pain and suffering or death. I will never forgive myself for these things.

I used to eat animals but now I am a vegan.

28, Female, New Jersey
" Medusa "
Oil on paper
I have been seeing my current boyfriend for 3 and 1/2 years, and have lived with him for 3. We're very happy together and we compliment each other perfectly.

I have been consistently cheating on him for those 3 years with someone who I once though, and may still believe, is the long lost love of my life.

This other man and I met in our first year of university and feel deeply in love with each other. We never dated however, because I still felt for my boyfriend. This other man and I fought, and made up, fought, and made up, ignored each other, then slept together, up until our final year of university. He has spread nasty rumors about me, I had an abortion that was HIS child. I was only 18.

I cut all ties with him 2 weeks ago in an attempt to move on with my life. We no longer talk to each other.

I miss him, and I still love him.
And probably always will.

21, Female, Montreal
" Mother And Child "
oil on paper
painting 27"in. x 39" in. framed $1800
painting 31" in. x37" in. framed $1300