I was 12, we would go on camping trips,
he had a bit too much too drink on one occassion,
he came onto me we where sitting in front of the
tent in our under ware next to each other
he just leaned over and started kissing me,
I cried asked him to stop, but
he was too horned up an drunk,
He just kept fucking, fucked until he unloaded

I was In my 40s when I walked into a public mans bathroom
and there was a Young man in there
and I took advantge....

Male 51 Midlothia Va
When I was a sixteen year old girl I used to think about sex and masturbation a lot. More than I thought was normal. I used to have dreams about having sex, and I so badly wanted to have sex but was a good sixteen year old girl who would not do such a thing. One time to see what it would feel like I took a banana and tried to have sex with it. I don't believe it was a satisfactory experience and I quickly threw it in my garbage can. Later my father saw the uneaten banana in my garbage and was mad at me for wasting it so he took it from the garbage (which only had papers in it) and brought it back to the kitchen. Later I had to discard it again in my embarrassment. That was my last and only sexual encounter with fruit.

21, Female, Boston, Massachusetts
" Aphrodite "
oil on water paper
" Frailty "
oil on water paper
painting 38" in x 46" in. framed $1300
painting 43" in. x 19" in. framed $1800