After having a 5 year love affair with a married man who was my boss the secret was revealed to his wife, friends and family when I gave birth to our child. I kept my pregnancy a secret the entire 9 monthes. Now almost two years after that secret was revealed and he told his wife, who demanded he ended our relationship and fire me from my job...the new secret is (and my family and friends would kill me if they knew) I still love him and we still see one another, we still make love, we still have a very intimate, loving relationship. Therapy hasnt helped me and I cant help myself.

Female, 38
San Diego, CA
there's a part of me deep down inside where other people have their conscience that isn't human at all and never will be. the concept of morality and
faith is totally different, and when I close my eyes, I don't dream. I remember and I see ahead. Sometimes, I'll be looking in the mirror and for a split second
its like my face completely changes to something too beautiful to even describe, and then it fades away and I'm back what I was with this inside my like a
red-hot coal

25 yr, male Lafayette Louisiana
" The Man In The Mirror "
Oil on water paper
" The Love Affair "
oil on water paper
painting 24" in. x 33" in. framed $1100
painting 27" in. x 39" in. framed $1800