"In The House Of Sin"
"Mother And Child"
Send you'r confession to.
Hello, my name is Armando. I'm a 31 yr. old self-taught artist from California who has experimented with and created Art since the age of 5.
I have shown my work in London England, Canada, Mexico, New York City and many more cities across the U.S.

Once again I'm getting ready to start my next Art project entitled "In The House Of SinĒ.

What I will be doing with this Art project "In The House Of Sin" will be creating artwork illustrating your confessions with paintings and perhaps sculptures.

But before I can begin, I need you to confess your deepest secret to me. You will absolutely remain anonymous. So, I ask you to be as honest as you wish when sending me your secret. Whether it's about something you stole as a child that you still think about as an adult, or if you are willing to share something deeper, like any demons or skeletons that you have in your closet.
Sign your confession anonymously with only your - age, gender and location on your form.

Since I am asking you to share your secret with me, I think it's only fair that I share one of mine with you.
I grew up in a large catholic family where it was very difficult to be a kid and sometimes not being able to be a kid at all.
By the time I turned 16yrs. old, I had attempted suicide on several occasions.
I once tried hanging my self before my mother found me.
On a few other occasions, I put a loaded gun in my mouth and was just an impulse away from pulling the trigger.
Even now, more than 14 yrs. later, there are times when I can still taste and feel the metal in my mouth. My secret is that Iím glad that I never went through with any of my suicide attempts. This has given me the opportunity to grow into the strong independent person that I am today and to share my artwork with the world.

So, if you are willing to confess your secret to me, whether it's something FUNNY, SAD, HAPPY, or whatever you are willing to share, I welcome it.
Remember that you will absolutely remain anonymous.